Best Selling Author And Social Activist Iliyan Kuzmanov Is Presented In Asian Universities

Princeton,NJ/ 360prwire/ December 3/

Iliyan Kuzmanov recently became the first Bulgarian author to achieve the title of best-seller in the US when his book If You Meet Buddha, Kill Him reached the top 20 sales rankings on Amazon. However, his work extends far beyond words on a page.

Kuzmanov is on a mission to improve the lives of those less fortunate than him. After rising from the brink of poverty in Bulgaria, Iliyan studied in Canada and moved to the UK to start a business. That business now funds projects all over the world, fighting against injustices like corruption, human trafficking, gender inequality, poverty and more. His work is a mixture between free business and social solutions.

Despite owning a thriving business in London, the beating economic heart of the world, Kuzmanov was not content to sit back on his riches. Instead, he decided he wanted to make a difference. 

This mission has not gone unnoticed, as research in Islamabad, Pakistan was recently presented on the social business model of a certain best-selling Bulgarian author. 

The dissertation was submitted to The Faculty of Social Science and Technology at Pakistan University by Ali Sikander PhD. This research looked at the business, freedom of speech, entrepreneurship, social business, and more in Bulgaria. 

Kuzmanov serves as a shining light and a perfect example, not only of a success story to come from the poverty in Bulgaria, but also someone who has returned to make a difference with a sustainable and effective social business model.