Best Noise-Canceling Earbuds

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The earphones with noise cancellation are devices able to eliminate ambient noise, distractions, and interruptions of the external environment while carrying out any activity that requires concentration and dedication. 

An example? All it takes is a long plane ride, an online discussion, a presentation in a crowded environment, or even during a sporting activity. There are so many models on the market, more or less of quality, and being able to choose the right one is sometimes difficult: here is a guide to the best earphones with noise cancellation, perfect for isolating yourself from the world around you.

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How noise-canceling headphones work Thanks to their conformation and the materials used, both headphones and earphones are considered passive systems for reducing noise: in fact, a headset with a good, well-fitting pavilion or a headset that fits perfectly is enough to make the difference and to allow to perceive a kind of isolation from the outside world. But as you can understand, a lot depends on the ear and, therefore, the results are not always exceptional. 

In this guide, however, we will deal with active systems, i.e., those equipped with active noise canceling (ANC), a technology capable of reducing the noise of the external environment. In practice, the headset fitted with this function can perceive sounds and exterior noises and reproduce them with the same frequency and amplitude, reversing the phase by 180 °. Thus, avoiding that the listener perceives these.

Difference between exclusion, masking, and noise reduction Before continuing, it is good to make a differentiation between the various technologies used since it is not difficult to confuse one and the other :

Noise exclusion: it is the same thing as saying passive noise reduction, i.e., we refer to headphones and earphones that adhere well to the ear and that allow, without any technology, to obtain a minimum of isolation from the surrounding environment. Medical barrier. 

Noise Reduction: Also known as Active Noise Reduction, and is based on the Acoustic Noise Canceling technology we have already explained. It requires the use of a battery to function. They perceive the frequencies of the environment and cancel them by emitting the same but opposite signal. In this way, the two noises cancel eachYoued an audio barrier. Perfect through these commands for travel, work, and moments that require maximum concentration. 

Noise Masking: These are earphones or headphones designed for sleep or relaxation. A different sound is introduced, contrasting with the unwanted noise you want to cover, thanks to the brain’s functioning.

How much noise-canceling earphones cost 

The cost of noise canceling headphones varies based on the quality of the technology used and the materials. Certainly a pair of Bose earphones that fit well in most ear cups will cost a lot more than an unknown brand of earbuds that pay little attention to physique and have a standard shape.

How to choose noise canceling earphones 

Here are the features to evaluate before purchasing in order to choose the right model for your needs. 

Type: earphones or headphones? 

The ANC technology is implemented on both headphones and earphones: the latter, especially the latest generation ones (such as the Apple AirPods Pro) are able to count on both efficient passive and active noise cancellation thanks to the presence of the rubber pads that fit perfectly inside the auricle. 

As for the headphones, you can choose between different models, but in case you want to count on the noise reduction also given by the shape of the headphone itself, opt for closed headphones, or the over-ear ones that are able to completely envelop the ear , isolating it from the outside world. With on-ear or open headphones , however, a portion of the auricle remains at the mercy of the surrounding environment

Connection: wired or wireless? 

Most headphones are wireless equipped with a rechargeable battery capable of activating ANC technology to eliminate surrounding noises. Most earphones are also wireless for the same reason: however, there are also corded models that still have a rechargeable battery. In practice, those with cable will still work for listening, but if the battery is not charged, they will not be able to activate the ANC function. In the case of wireless devices, the connection with the smartphone or other devices used is via Bluetooth

Battery life

Whether you choose a model with cable or without, you need to evaluate the battery life, since it will be precisely this that will perform the function of eliminating the surrounding noise. The top-of-the-range models offer a continuous listening time of about 20 – 25 hours , as well as a special cable to still use the headphones when there is no time to recharge them. Charging times are approximately two hours. 


Finally, it is worth taking a look at the microphone and its management. Some earphones are equipped with a microphone that is activated with a touch on the earpads themselves or by pressing a special button. Through these commands you can also manage the volume, choose music playback or interact with your voice assistant.