All You Need to Know about Questo

We are living in a world where our majority of activities depend on applications and the internet. In this world of the internet where the applications are prevailing, we have come up with a nice application to bring more fun and joy into your life. We are here to talk about an application called questo. Let us give you a brief introduction to this application.

What is this application all about?

The way this application has blended utility and fun together, it is quite difficult to state its genre and definition. But making things clear is the essence of a good article. In short, Questo is an application that lets you explore cities as a part of the game. So, it works by indulging you in a game. And the game has been designed in a way to let you explore places. Once you get started with the game, exploring certain geographical locations will lead to the completion of the challenge. The best part is, that cities from all around the world have been incorporated as a part of this game.

How this game is able to bring more fun into your life?

Talking of fun, city exploration has always been a part of urban citizens for a long time. Exploring different parts of the world is a fun thing for a large number of people. People have preferred indulging in such activities for a long time but these hobbies/activities went through a transformation after the internet became available to a wider population. People started telling stories about their exploration. A new way of storytelling became prevalent among enthusiasts and influencers.

Questo brings these tasks to a whole new level, in other words, you could say this application has redefined the act of exploration. City exploration is quite a popular thing for urban people and Questo is able to bring life to this usual activity. It is the application where fiction meets reality. You can be the main character of your story that is the fictional part of the game. But the elements of your game would compose

How to get started with it?

The good news is this application comes for free. Once you have installed it on your device, you will be able to use it. Though you can use it up to some extent without the internet connection. But there might be some need for Google Maps at some point in time so we recommend you to stay connected to the internet. In case you are out of network coverage, you must have an offline map of the city/area that you are in. Even if you lose orientation, it won’t last much longer because the trips are 3 KM in length.

Launch Questo after you have installed it successfully. Upon launching, you will find a list of cities to choose from. Select the city of your choice and then the application will ask you to choose the quest. You will get information about the starting point in the city after the selection of the quest. You can find even more precise information about it since the starting point is pinpointed on Google Maps. You will get a riddle to solve after reaching the starting point. You will need to provide a solution to this application. And the application does that in order to gather some story about the place.

You will get several riddles like this in one quest. And you have to provide answers to those riddles every time. There is nothing to worry about if you are unable to solve some of those riddles as the application gives you several hints at the time of need. One thing that you should keep in mind is not to get carried away with the hints. Use the hints only when you are not getting enough clues. When you solve all the riddles and reach the destination, you will get some message as you have just saved the city from a disaster or invasion, etc. Different quests have different themes and that makes every quest unique in itself.

Final thoughts

Questo is an application worth trying if you want to explore any part of the world with a completely new perspective. Keeping an eye on your surrounding while you are involved in such games is really important in order to avoid any problems.