Alien Orb Reviews: Warning! Don’t Buy Flying Orb Ball Fast Until You Read This Latest Report

Alien Orb

These days kids are bored sitting at home due to the current pandemic situation. Particularly kids above 3 years old require some interesting toys. Toy manufacturers are constantly looking for new innovative toys to entice kids. Particularly, those into electronic toy manufacturing are always on the lookout for new innovations that excite kids. LED toys have been populating the market for years now. These LED light toys are attractive and engage kids. To match the market competition, manufacturers are constantly looking for advancements.

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One such introduction is the recharge feature in these lightweight toys. As these toys are easy to recharge and do not require any additional batteries, they are a hit among parents. However, before exploring the top LED toys, it is essential to understand toys are just applicable to kids. Adults are also excited about some innovative toys that will lower their stress. For instance, toys like fidget spinners are a hit among young adults. These toys also let parents engage in fun activities with their children.

One such latest addition in the toy market is hovering drone balls. These LED-based rechargeable toys provide entertainment for hours. Users just have to tap it and send it across to fly. Kids can play catch with the floating and gliding hover done balls. The following review explains one such prominent brand selling high-quality and durable drone balls on the market. Alien Orb is a leading company that offers high-tech LED hover drones suitable for people of all ages. Keep reading to understand the features and benefits of these high-tech toys.

About Alien Orb

Alien Orb is a hover drone ball that glides and floats in the air and then hovers around the user. It is a weightless toy that can survive multiple crashes and provide ultimate value for money. Introduced by Circuit Showroom, the technology-driven ball is perfect for anyone. They are a perfect gift for children.

These hovering drone balls are known for faster charging and long-lasting battery life. They are easy to charge. One can even charge them while using their computers or sitting in their car. The hovering drone balls have USB charging to facilitate ease and universal applications. The toys have the right size, ensuring children can carry them anywhere they want. These toys keep the children occupied for a long time.

The light feature in these flying balls makes them a perfect toy for family camping trips. They have a simple on-off setting making them easy to use. The hover drone balls turn on and off with just one tap or shake. These anti-drop toys let parents relax as they do not have to invest in multiple toys. These drone balls are non-breakable, making them a top choice among parents. Multiple parents suggest purchasing these toys to keep their kids happy and active.

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Alien Orb Ball Benefits

  • Perfect toys for kids and adults: The Alien Orb hover is the perfect toy for anyone. Users can watch an enticing light show with colorful LEDs. As the toy hovers, spins, boomerangs, and floats right back, it is perfect for keeping kids occupied. Adults can also destress themselves by playing with their children or using it as a mild exercise. Adults working from home can also take a break from the tedious routine and engage in a few minutes of fun activity.
  • Limits screen time for kids and adults: Alien Orb hover balls prevent kids from spending hours on the screen watching cartoons on TV or tablets. It limits screen exposure by engaging kids in a fun activity. Moreover, it also proves a great toy for encouraging activity. The unique mechanism of the hover ball encourages students to be more active. It provides endless playing methods, and kids can get as interactive as they want. Parents can also participate in playtime with their kids. The toy encourages movements like swaying and jumping, thus offering a healthy entertainment option.
  • It does not require a specific daytime to play: The toy is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Moreover, one can play with it at any time of the day. Unlike other LED toys on the market, users do not have to worry about Alien Orb’s effect in the sun. These hover balls throw bright light even during the day. At night these are cool toys to play with.
  • Easy to carry: Alien Orb uses high-grade plastic, making it light as a feather. Users can carry these hover drone balls anywhere they desire. They fit perfectly on one’s palm or pockets. One can also put these toys in their overnight bag while traveling. Kids can carry them to a sleepover, park, or anywhere they desire.
  • Long-lasting: The design of these toys can withstand heavy crashes for limitless times. The hover balls have an outer housing sealed with quality materials. Their design makes them indestructible during playtime. They are crash-proof, as well as, crush-proof and cannot get squished in the bag. These toys can sustain impact when one is throwing them around.
  • They do not need any flying controller: These toys work without any remote control. Users have to tap on them using their hands, and they fly. These toys are suitable for newbies who have no experience handling drone toys.
  • Technology-driven toys: These drone balls have infrared sensors that allow them to avoid obstacles.
  • Safe toys for kids and youngsters: These hover drone balls have a compact design. Their propeller is encased in a protective shell and does not affect kids. Moreover, it is made from high-grade materials that are safe around children.
  • Perfect gifting choice: These levitating drone balls are a perfect gift for those looking for interesting gifting options for their kids or relatives. Children delight at the idea of such gifts.

Alien Orb Review

Features of Alien Orb

  • Durable impact-proof design: The manufacturers of Alien Orb ensure their design is highly durable and can withstand high impacts. Their crash-proof design ensures the hover balls remain as it is even when they dash a wall.
  • Precise flight control rotations: The design of these toys is meant to offer exact flight controls. The sensors used in these drone balls help dodge obstacles.
  • LED Light Shows: The safe and high-quality LED lights in these hover drone balls can put up an interesting light show. Children can create their very own dance floor with these moving LED lights.
  • Rechargeable Battery: The Alien orb hover drone balls come with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery of 200mAh. One can charge the battery using a USB power cable. These hover drone balls require a charging time of up to a few minutes and can last for a long time with a single charge.
  • Moreover, the toy comes with a LED light indicator. When this indicator starts blinking, users will have to charge the hover drone ball. The light stops blinking after the charging is complete.
  • USB Recharge facility: Users have to connect the Alien Orb hover drone ball to a USB cable for a few minutes until it is 100 percent charged.

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How does it work?

Users have to tap on the ball or shake it. The hover drone ball starts rotating. When it is thrown upwards at 30 degrees, it will start flying. It later spins and gets back to the user, offering a boomerang effect. Users can throw it at multiple angles and explore its flight features.

Purchase and Price

One can purchase an Alien Orb hovering drone ball on Circuit Showroom. The company offers the following packages-

Moneyback and refund policy

The company offers a 30 days refund policy for users who do not like the product. Users will receive a full refund minus shipping and handling charges.

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What is the material used for making these hover drone ball toys?

The toys are made from high-grade materials like abs plastic and propylene. The manufacturers use non-toxic, flexible, and lightweight materials that sustain multiple crashes.


  • Meant for kids and adults (of all ages)
  • It can work in any room


  • Needs charging after a single-use
  • One charge can last up to 8 mins only
  • It might stop functioning when dropped in water


Circuit’s Alien Orb hover drone balls are perfect for children of any age. These flying toys come with a rechargeable battery that charges in just a few minutes. With their USB charging function, one can charge them anytime and anywhere. These toys are a perfect gift for holidays and birthdays. What more? These toys are made from 100 percent safe and toxin-free abs plastic and propylene. Hence there is zero risk of its effects on children’s health. The toys encourage activity in children, making them beneficial during the ongoing pandemic. Explore these enticing LEDs today and let children and adults enjoy them endlessly.

Alien Orb Reviews