Affiliate Millionaire Review – Andrew Fox System Really Works? MUST READ INFO

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Affiliate marketing has taken off in a major way in the past few years with many people choosing it as their go-to and primary way of making a revenue through internet ads. However, the Affiliate Millionaire by Andrew Fox is a new program in the market that claims to offer a much more impressive and renewed way of doing affiliate marketing. According to the website of the program, it has managed users to make over 1.5 million in commissions using a new method of paid traffic. Through the use of this technique, many have been able to achieve a much better return with some users earning up to $200 per customer. Thus, the program seems to be garnering the attention of many people who previously felt like they couldn’t get into affiliate marketing. This review will take a closer look into all the major qualities of this program to see if it is worth using. 

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Affiliate Millionaire By Andrew Fox – Is This the Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing?

Becoming a millionaire is nothing short of a dream for many. However, with a regular nine to five job, achieving this goal is all but impossible nowadays. This is why many people have begun taking alternative routes and investments to potentially be able to take advantage of growing platforms. The use of affiliate marketing and the internet in general is among the most lucrative and somewhat new ways of making money. However, with so many others already existing on the platform, being able to leave one’s own mark and impression on online customers can be a tough challenge. Most online spaces already have people that are working on the niche, and for newcomers, breaking into any market can be a tough and uphill battle. However, this issue is largely subverted with the aid of new solutions and methodologies. With new programs and guides being launched that aim to look at these things from a fresher perspective, people have been gaining the answers they have wanted for their affiliate marketing questions. Affiliate Millionaire is one such program and guide that has been managing to gain the attention of many people. Through the use of this guide one may be able to learn more about these new methods that claim to be the ultimate way to get into affiliate marketing. 

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About Affiliate Millionaire

Affiliate Millionaire is designed from the ground up as the supposed ultimate guide for people that wish to get into the affiliate marketing world. The guide includes details that are perfect for people who are both well-versed with the basics of affiliate marketing, as well as information for those who may be newbie and new. The guide books details on how one can begin making as much as 500 USD per day, or even more. Furthermore, it provides a detailed overview on the type of things to avoid when trying to avoid the cancellation and shutting down of one’s ad account. There are a number of precautions that one can take in this regard that help to secure their ad account, and it is important to follow these. 

The team behind the program has worked hard to make sure that they looked across the major concerns and issues that newbies had when they first began using affiliate marketing. And they realized that most newcomers were trying the same techniques that have been tried and tested for a long time now. While these were useful at one point, with the overabundance of basic affiliate marketers now, it can be hard to find the same profit margins as one used to have in the past. For this reason, there is a need for an overhaul and new approach when it comes to affiliate marketing. The Affiliate Millionaire aims to provide one such solution and does so in a manner that can yield somewhat decent results, even for beginners, as claimed by the creators. Some of the major things that people will be able to learn as a part of this program are:

  • Boosting one’s ROI using a specific new feature found on Facebook that has yet to be publically shared and found out about by most people
  • Dealing with the issues regarding one’s ad account closure and figuring and understanding the main reasons behind why this happens for most people 
  • Providing a beginner-friendly roadmap that takes users from the basics to the detailed aspects of affiliate marketing in the 2021 internet space 

These factors might seem like a simple thing to some, but for people that have dealt with issues of repeated closures, as well as those who are unable to find the exact roadmap and starting guide on how they can begin working, this is definitely something that is worth trying out. 

Who is the Person Behind the Affiliate Millionaire Program?

Affiliate Millionaire has largely been designed by Andrew Fox. He’s an expert with quite a bit of experience in the field. Working alongside Thomas Owen, who started off as a newbie and then very soon made over 1.5 million dollars with affiliate marketing commissions, Andrew Fox presents a new and improved way of doing the affiliate marketing process, however this is one that can yield a crazy amount of profit supposedly.

Andrew Fox looked into the story of Thomas and was able to notice how through the use of a certain set of techniques, he was able to see much better performance and returns than the usual methodologies that people use for affiliate marketing. And over time, these returns got better, with him managing to attain financial freedom and even garnering as much as 1.5 million dollars at the most. While the entire thing is a bit more complicated, Andrew Fox describes it down as:

Picking the product:

This is the basic and foremost thing that one will do, however it is vitally important. The choice of product can determine everything from the niche that one is going into, to the overall size and scale they will be able to reach eventually. Thus, the guide book ensures that users are following the formula properly and picking a product that can work well.

Drive the traffic: 

This is the next part of the puzzle and it is quite important too. Users will be given ways through which they will be able to direct traffic to their products in an organic manner. This can lead to higher sales and more customers.

Send to the Lander:

As one is getting more traction and views on their specific pages, they will be able to direct the viewers to the lander, with them becoming potential customers during the process.


Lastly, users will be able to collect their commission from the entire process and this will continue to scale up as more traffic is generated and more purchases are being made. Thus, the simplicity of the process is self-evident but what makes it so unique is the specific way Affiliate Millionaire narrows it down and explains it as a part of their guide. 

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Affiliate Millionaire Modules Explained 

Affiliate Millionaire includes a set of modules that will take users through the entire program. By following these modules, one will be able to gain a deeper understanding of the core principles of the program while learning about each of the major things users will need to know before they can begin their affiliate marketing journey. The following the modules that are detailed as a part of the program:

  • Module 1: Picking the proven offer. This is essentially the first step and the module involves choosing the specific types of offers and niches that one can see themselves fitting into. One will learn about the affiliate networks that have the best payouts, as well as the way through which they can earn up to $203 in commissions from each customer. Lastly, the module includes a playbook of A-list offers that will undoubtedly save quite a bit of time for anyone.


  • Module 2: Creating the Perfect Lander. The landing page that one has as a part of their website can make or break the deal. One will learn about the three types of landers that are the best when it comes to converting customers. Furthermore, users will receive the 4 main questions that can help boost one’s click through rate by a staggering 4%. The detailed module includes all the major and small tips one will want to know to gain an advantage in the market. 


  • Module 3: Funneling and power tracking. As a part of this module, users will learn about proper email sequencing that can lead to a generation of nearly 500 to a 1000 USD every single day. Installation of pixels in a proper manner which allows one to place one’s pixel with Clickbank’s new system. 


  • Module 4: Targeting and Campaign Set Up. This includes the major bulk of the campaign structure and advertisement methodologies. One will learn about audience targeting and the specific formula that users will want to note down when it comes to daily advertisement budgets. 
  • Module 5: Making the Perfect Ad. As a part of this module, one will learn about how to create a convincing advertisement using a large collection of the best converting images. Furthermore, one can make advertisements in their own home using everyday items with their smartphones. The module provides all the details that one will need – without the requirement of expensive designers all the while avoiding annoying copyright issues.


  • Module 6: Launching the Campaign. This next element is the best part as it involves turning on one’s campaign and starting the major part of the process. Users can see optimal daily budget and lifetime budget as a part of this process.


  • Module 7: Optimizing and scaling. This is the final module and it involves the optimization and scaling of the entire routine, allowing one to expand their business as they continue to progress and improve.


Does Affiliate Millionaire By Andrew Fox come alongside any bonus content?

Users of the Affiliate Millionaire will be able to avail a few bonuses as a part of their purchase. These include the Winning Ad and Landing Page, as well as the Holy Grail: A-List Offers playbook. The bonus content also includes a guide on how to save one’s FB Accounts and get them back, as well as access to the Affiliate Millionaire Club that is exclusive and intended only for private members. 


Is Affiliate Millionaire suitable for beginners?

As stated above, Affiliate Millionaire keeps beginners in mind by making sure that the methodologies mentioned are ideal for them. As users begin to learn the processes, they will naturally begin to progress through the more detailed portions of the program and be able to tackle them with effectiveness. 

Is there a need to download any additional software for this?

The course does not require the use of any specific software. One simply needs access to the internet and the ability to create landing pages through free online word press plugins. In addition to this, there will be basic other resources which will be available online and thus no other tools need to be bought or purchased.

What is a realistic profit expectation to have from this?

The specific amount that one gets might depend from person to person. The creators state that it depends on many factors and the numbers can be different for everyone. His personal experiences with people have shown that some have managed to earn as much as 1.5 million in commissions but it can depend on a person, their specific niche and timing too. 

How much does the Affiliate Millionaire program cost?

The entire Affiliate Millionaire program can be purchased just for the price of $39 currently. The creators claim that the official cost is $197 but it apparently seems to be discounted right now and instead a cheaper price is provided. This includes all the bonuses listed above as a part of the purchase making it a highly lucrative deal for anyone that wants to get access to a worthwhile product for a low and affordable cost.

To learn more about affiliate Millionaire by Andrew Fox, visit the official website now.