9 Frequently Used Tools for Everyone On Single Website – From PDF Converter, Video Compressor to Editors

Princeton,NJ/ 360prwire/ December 9/

Life has become much easier but expensive everyday expenses often make us empty pockets at the end of the month. Keeping economic and inflation in mind, we have introduced a set of online tools to the common people to make their daily tasks at work easier. 

There are numerous instances when you need to convert video file to audio, compress video or file, image converters, and much more. And, you find it challenging to search throughout Google to get an appropriate one. What if you get every essential tool you frequently need at a single platform? Honestly, it will make your work life easier and simple, without having to struggle much for simple tasks on the computer. In addition, the best part of using these free online software is that you don’t need any special IT skills to get your job done. 


The name of that platform consisting of 9 free online tools that each individual needs is “freetools.site”. This website is a place where you can find fa variety of free online software (quick-to-use) tools without having to pay a single penny. The set of tools it consists are mentioned in the next paragraph. 

What free online tools do we have to offer

  1. Image editors: Enhance quality, make animation, resize images, and much more.
  2. Audio editors: Increase audio volume, merge tracks, remove silence, put audio effects, among others.
  3. Video editors: Trim the video, mute the sound, reduce file size, etc. 
  4. Document converters: Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, and much more. 
  5. Image converters: JPEG to PNG, Image to PDF, etc.
  6. Audio converters: WAV to MP3, MP3 to AAC, etc.
  7. Video converters: AVI to MP4, Video to MP3, etc. 
  8. Data converters: JSON to XML, XML to YAML, etc. 
  9. File compressors: ZIP, RAR, 7Z, etc. 

These simple tools make your daily tasks easier

After you check out the list of tools and services mentioned above, you must have realized how essential these tools are for your daily office tasks since we aimed to provide free online tools, especially for people with no special IT background knowledge. We believe you might have paid sufficient to date to the other websites on the internet to get these jobs done. But not anymore; these tools are absolutely for free. Save your pocket now, unleash yourself and start using these tools right away. Also, we urge you to tell others about this website because you and everyone in your circle must have used one of these tools in their lives.

Opportunity to earn

Once you are aware of these free, diverse services, such as compressing files, changing the formats, improving image quality, creating animations, shortening audio or video, amplifying, and much more, you can consider yourself as an expert who can provide these services; learning how to operate these simple tools can bring you a potential opportunity. Offer others these services and charge them in return. 


Who needs us?

People from any background or job need our platform, some of the examples are given below about how these people need us:

  1. Business Executive: Are you a business executive and need to prepare presentations that demonstrate some proposal. If you want to incorporate a catchy image or video that grab audience attention, you need our tools to edit images, video and audio. 
  2. Student: Got assignment: Impress your professor by incorporating info graphics into the assignment. 
  3. Website Developer: Want to get rid of copyright infringements of images again and again? If yes, you’ll need freetools.site. It can help you edit images, write text on it, merge pictures, etc. and create a piece that does not go with the legal breaches and copyright issues. 

Media person: Perhaps you need to edit audio file and video clip, merge them together or something, freetools.site is the best choice to go with this task.