6 popular alternatives to Facebook advertising in 2022

Miguel Cervantes said Never put all your eggs in one basket, and undoubtedly it’s a reality. If talking about Facebook, for some time till now, the advertising cost on Facebook has extensively shot up, and on the other side, impressions go down. 

Relying too much on one platform is not an ingenious move. However, the reason is worth it because, on average, a social media user has 7.6 social media accounts. Hence, you don’t have only one platform for advertising. Therefore, it’s time you need to diversify your digital marketing approach and leverage the power of cross-channel retargeting. For those still interested in Facebook advertising, better use a great ad spying tool such as Adspy. If you feel the cost of the tool is high, you can try to use adspy coupon available and get great discounts.

Let’s dive in and look for the advertising alternatives

  1. Google Ads

You might be surprised to know that Google has more than 4.5 billion search queries every day, indicating more than 70,000 searches every second. As a result, advertising on Google has become one of the effective ways to get the best results on your marketing efforts. The affluent benefits of using Google ads are advanced targeting, budget control, highly measurable, and super-fast results. 

  1. Instagram

Instagram has seen massive success with more than 1 billion monthly active users. These teeny app has become a marketing platform for businesses to find their target users. Instagram engagement rate is 1.22% which is 13X more than Facebook posts. So if you are a business owner, you can’t miss out on the statistic which suggests 80% of people follow a business on Instagram. 

  1. LinkedIn Ads

It is one of the incredible alternatives for B2B businesses and advertisers compared to Facebook ads. It brings 46% of all social media traffic to the company website, and therefore you don’t need to be afraid running ads on LinkedIn. 

  1. Twitter

With 353 million active users internationally, and offers great targeting opportunities. 82% of marketers use Twitter for organic content marketing, and 27% used Twitter ads in the last 12 months. If your audience is millennials, it is a viable option and alternative to Facebook. 

  1. YouTube

With 2 billion active users a month, 30 million daily users, and 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched every day, it has gained massive popularity in the digital landscape. Due to its advanced targeting, remarketing capabilities, and intuitive features, it has become one of the possible substitutes for Facebook. In addition, it allows a plethora of advantages like generating leads, driving traffic to the website, boosting brand awareness, and more.

  1. Pinterest

It has more than 200 million active users in a month globally, and 66% of the user, after seeing the brand pin likely to buy something. Also, 90% of people stated that Pinterest helps them in their buying decision, and 78% revealed that it is useful to look at the brand’s content from Pinterest. It has different campaigning types such as traffic, awareness, video awareness, engagement, and app install campaigns. You need to decide the type of ads that aligns with your business objectives.

The digital world doesn’t only revolve around Facebook. Many advertising channels are available, which brings a profitable business opportunity and helps you to maximize your ROI.