There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about CBD sleep products. Before you make the decision not to use CBD, it’s important to to understand how CBD sleep products are made and the benefits of taking them. Once you have all the facts, you may just change your mind. 

How are CBD sleep products made?

Certain ingredients are typically mixed in certain proportions to make CBD sleep products. Some of the most common ingredients are;

  1. CBD is obtained from the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. It is a nonpsychoactive component that does not get you high after use. 
  2. Pure melatonin. It is synthesized from L-tryptophan by four enzymatic steps in the laboratory. Your body also produces melatonin in the brain by the pineal gland. Very small amounts of artificial melatonin are used when making CBD sleep products because high doses can impair the body’s natural ability to make melatonin.
  3. Propylene glycol. It is a chemical compound that is a colorless and odorless syrup-like liquid obtained from petroleum. It is so effective as it is miscible with several solvents. It is also inexpensive to manufacture, which makes it commonly used.
  4. Natural or artificial flavorings. These are flavors that are either extracted from natural sources or created in the laboratory. It increases your urge to use the product because of the improved taste. 

When these ingredients are mixed, CBD oils and sleep sprays are made. On the product container, there are usage instructions that you should follow to get the best results.

What are the benefits of using CBD sleep products?

Improves sleep quality 

It is the best natural sleep aid you can use to induce sleep. It reduces insomnia in people who suffer from intense pain.

You can also use CBD sleep products to stimulate alertness and minimize tiredness and sleepiness. It can be very helpful, especially if you work at odd or inconsistent hours.

Anxiety and depression

CBD helps to alleviate depression and anxiety. If you experience mental and physical anxiety, use these products. It also has anti-psychotic effects. 


If you are experiencing pain in your body, CBD can be very effective in alleviating some types of chronic pain. Always consult your doctor before taking CBD if you are using other drugs. 

5 things people often get wrong about CBD sleep products

  • CBD is a sedative.

It is a misconception that has existed for years because people have the perception that anything that is extracted or is a product of cannabis will make you high, which is not true. To become sedated, you must use a product that contains myrcene. Myrcene is a terpene that is said to be sedating. CBD does not contain myrcene in any way. 

  • CBD is addictive.

    It’s good to conduct extensive research on a product before consuming it, but for most CBD sleep products, you needn’t worry about the potential for addiction or dependency. After using CBD products for a while, you can abruptly stop using them without any withdrawal effects on your body. This means you can use CBD sleep products for as long as you want. They are all-natural and non-habit forming.

  • CBD will get you high.

That CBD will get you high is one of the most common misconceptions about CBD sleep products. The component responsible for making you feel high is absent from CBD so no worries there.

  • CBD turns into other products in the stomach. 

One misconception is that hydrochloric acid in the stomach metabolizes CBD to other products, again its wrong and not factual.

  • CBD causes brain damage.

This is the worst misconception about CBD sleep products. While melatonin, which is often used in CBD sleep spray, can cause the body to stop producing melatonin when it’s ingested in large doses, the small amounts of melatonin in CBD sleep spray do not contribute to this effect.

CBD is manufactured and all the ingredients used are measured to ensure that the sleep enhancer does not harm your body in any way. Before buying CBD sleep products, you are given a guide on how the products work and all the minor side effects you may experience. 

In conclusion, CBD sleep products are one of the best options to use to improve your quality of sleep. If you still have doubts, do some more online research and look at people’s reviews of the products. You may realize you’ve been ignoring a powerful herbal remedy that works in miraculous ways to help people solve their sleep issues.