4 Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin in Winter

Princeton,NJ/ 360prwire/ December 4/

Harsh winter weather can be damaging, uncomfortable, and downright painful on your skin! The harshness of cold air seeping into the body is nothing but unpleasant.

A person’s health may suffer when they are exposed for an extended period time during this season due to exposure to low temperatures that cause hypothermia which causes confusion; shivering from lack of heat or movement as well as muscle cramps all too commonplace especially if you’re out working outside without adequate clothing such like gloves heavy coats etc.

Here are a few ways to control it

Drink Enough Water

It’s particularly important to drink adequate amounts of water during the cold winter months since our skin is prone to losing moisture. Take a sip rather than a gulp – we like this Klean Kanteen bottle. You can stay healthy, hydrated, and cozy during winter by drinking winter teas like natural ginger and lemon. It will make you feel great all season long!

Choose A Cleaner

The harsh chemicals in most high street cleansers can actually harm your skin, as opposed to helping it. In addition to stripping the skincare of its natural oils, alcohol and added fragrances will give the appearance of dry, cracked skin. While removing dirt and make-up from the day, the Neal’s Yard Frankincense cleanser helps keep moisture in.

Keep Showers

There’s nothing better than a long, hot bath or shower when it’s cold outside. It’s not a good idea to take long hot showers or baths during the winter. You will lose essential oils from your body when you bathe in extremely hot water. Having red, itchy skin after you take a shower is an indication that you pushed yourself too far. Do not worry, though. 

Protect Elements

Winter causes your skin to be more sensitive. When our lips become dry and chapped, a pocket essential lip balm can be helpful, but we need more than that. Due to the low humidity and blistering winds, it is important to remember to wrap up because dry skin can result. Protect the delicate skin on your hands and neck with a scarf and gloves. These Ally Bee scarves and gloves are made from soft alpaca and sheeps wool for minimal irritation.