360° Virtual Tour: 6 Reasons for Builders and Developers to Invest

With the 360° virtual tour, Sky Marketing transmits the feeling of being inside the property, which is decisive for improving customer conversion. Learn more in the article.

The 360° virtual tour is an innovation to boost real estate sales. In complex sales, as is the case with these ventures, we need to help the buyer reduce their objections and understand the deal. In these cases, mockups and photos are not enough.

With technology, the customer can have the feeling of being present and visiting the project from anywhere. That’s because images are captured from every possible angle, digitally organized to form the scene from the visitor’s point of view. The developers of kingdom valley use this technique to concvince their customers into making investments.

In summary, the 360° virtual tour is a tool that digitally simulates the vision and experience of those who are present in a physical location. Want to know why adopt this innovation in your business? Read on and discover 6 of them!

  1. Get Out of the Obvious with the 360° Virtual Tour

Competition for attention has never been fiercer. When the customer browses the internet, watches videos, accesses social media or even walks through an urban centre, there are countless offers and a barrage of ads and advertisements.

Avoiding the obvious is one way to capture and keep people’s attention during the sales cycle. Imagine that, with several competitors in the same market segment, getting the customer to reach the physical point of sale or access a digital channel is already a lot of work. So when he gets there, we need to charm him with a positive experience.

The 360° virtual tour, in this example, could be available on a physical totem, with a touchscreen and user-friendly navigation system. Soon, the client could know every detail, visit several properties and ask questions with the sellers on the spot.

In addition, when he returns home, the digital service can bring options for visitation as many times as he wants, without any bureaucracy.

The examples show that the company can go beyond the obvious, including experience as part of the sales strategy in different channels, which would not be possible if only photographs or mockups were presented.

  1. Makes the Proposal More Tangible

A photo or mockup is always limited, covering only a portion of what the development is all about. The 360° virtual tour is the most faithful representation possible of the feeling of being in the property, reaching everything that is visible to a visitor. Thus, the interested party will have more clarity about the details of the property.

It is also a factor influencing trust. By presenting all possible angles and allowing the client to analyze the way he/she deems necessary, we provide complete and detailed information about the development, leaving you secure about the conditions and characteristics of the property.

An important observation is the complementarity of the 360° virtual tour with other information, such as photos, videos, descriptions, location maps, models and plans. We can put everything the consumer needs to know within a virtual catalog and remove purchase objections.

Consequently, he will be educated about the product’s features and is more likely to pay a visit to close the purchase.

  1. Put the Customer “Inside” the Enterprise for the Purchase Decision

When browsing the 360° virtual tour, the customer can connect with the pains and desires that will influence the purchase, unlike looking at photos and models. This is because he is “in” the project.

Imagine that the visitor’s mind does not stop when walking around the property virtually. When he arrives in a room, he can imagine that he is resting after a long day at work. The outdoor area can bring the image of reception with friends and family. And one of the bedrooms might be perfect for the child to come.

The purchase decision is influenced by the comforts, wishes and desires that the person wants to fulfil, as well as discomforts and discomforts to be avoided. And this contact with motivations is facilitated when you have the close experience of being the property. In many cases, it will be the missing point to make the sale.

  1. Reduce Costs and Sales Cycle

The 360° virtual tour helps to reduce two types of costs: operational and customer acquisition. It is an innovative tool with an impact on the financial results of the business, not only by generating money but also by cutting costs.

In terms of operating costs, virtual visits are scalable. That is, we can duplicate the service without seeing cost leverage easily. The client, for example, can see ten, twenty properties in a day, without this generating variable expenses for the sellers, which would not happen with face-to-face visits.

In fact, the sales cycle and the customer journey become leaner. The 360° virtual tour reduces and qualifies face-to-face visits, as the client already has prior knowledge of the properties available and will be more accurate concerning the choice of other services to form his conviction about the purchase.

The customer acquisition cost (CAC), on the other hand, is reduced by several factors, such as the shortening of the sales cycle, customer education about the service and other elements that affect conversion. Thus, the amount “x” that the company spends on advertisements in traditional media, promotions, events, fairs and other forms of presenting the property can convert more people reached into effective customers.

In this sense, as the acquisition cost is a calculation that takes into account these two variables (investment/total converted customers), we have an important improvement in the sales indicator, which has a direct impact on profitability.

  1. Offer Convenience to the Customer

Customer service is also practical. We can make the 360° virtual tour available 24 hours a day on the internet. In addition, there is the advantage of visiting several properties at once and without prior appointment.

At physical points of sale, customers can consult the information and get to know each property without haste and ask the sellers to ask questions about various properties — that is, they have an experience that integrates technology with humanized service.

The information via the virtual catalog can also be used in videoconferences, with the objective of everyone being on the same page about the project. It is a tool that brings facilitators so that the client can obtain the necessary information to clarify doubts, know the property and remove purchase objections.

  1. Build Differentials in the Market

Finally, the 360° virtual tour is part of constructing differentials in the market. With other technological innovations, it is possible to provide new experiences for the customer journey and mainly affect the conversion to sales.

In this scenario, it is essential to have partner companies that breathe innovation and practicality. They are the ones who will transform technology-related concepts into concrete product, service and customer service solutions.


Here at Aqua, we help transform your customer experience both in-person and online with Showcase and Showroom for real estate. In both, the content (photos, videos, models, plans, 360° virtual tour) is available in digital catalogs, which the customer can interact with the material.

Showcase is a solution for physical points of sale. In it, the customer uses touchscreens to interact with the content through touch, sound and image. There, all the information necessary to respond to purchase objections and sensory impact the visitor will be centralized.

Already Showroom is a complete and interactive virtual room, where the customer can visit alone or in contact with a seller by videoconference. It takes the experience anywhere, allowing the customer to navigate through information via cell phone, tablet and computer.

You can stick to complementarity with face-to-face and distance service options, as well as using different content to impact the customer.

In this context, the 360° virtual tour is a technology that can already be applied in your company, simply and in different channels, as part of the strategy. So it’s a great way to increase sales. This technology is one of the reasons for increased sales of plots in kingdom valley islamabad.

Now that you understand the reasons for investing in this innovation check how it works Showcase Homes and increases your conversion rate.