3 Step Tradelines Credit Repair Strategy: The Secret Sauce to Success

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There are many tradelines credit repair companies out there, but not all of them can provide the same level of service. The tradelines credit repair company that you choose should be able to offer a 3 step strategy that will help boost your success rate. We have compiled this list of what we think are the most important things for you to consider before choosing tradelines credit repair services.

What is Tradelines Credit?

Tradelines Credit Repair is a tradeline service that offers credit repair for anyone who has tradeline accounts. Tradelines are used to help creditors determine your financial worth and as such, tradelines not only affect your ability to take out loans but also the amount of those loans.

Tradelines Credit Repair can be used by people looking to fix various tradelines, such as tradeline bankruptcy, tradeline divorce, and tradeline foreclosure you can visit Coast Tradelines. Tradelines Credit Repair can also be used by people who are simply looking to re-establish their tradelines after a period of bad credit or no tradelines activity.

Why do I Need to Repair My Credit?

Repairing your credit score is important because it will allow you to get better rates on loans and be able to purchase a house or car. You should repair your tradelines if you want the best rates for things like:

  • Houses
  • Car Loans
  • Credit Cards

A tradeline can also help improve your credit score by adding a tradeline to your reports. It can increase your average age of open accounts which will decrease the percentage of how much you owe on all of your cards/loans and improve other important factors in determining what is considered an accurate estimation for future behavior, such as:

  • Credit Utilization
  • Debit Balances
  • New Credit Inquiries

Repairing tradelines can help you raise your credit score and improve the amount of money that lenders will be willing to loan. By repairing tradelines, it shows future creditors that you are financially responsible by paying on time or settling debts owed at a lower rate than what was originally charged off for collection purposes.

  1. Credit Utilization

Credit Utilization is a metric that shows how much of your available credit you are using. The most important thing to consider is not the percentage itself but whether or not it is increasing over time. If so, this can be an indicator of risky behavior and should be monitored closely as there may be signs of looming financial trouble on the horizon.

  1. Debit Balances 

Debit Balances are exactly what they sound like, an account balance that has a negative number. While tradelines are the backbone for your credit score and tradeline utilization is key to maintaining excellent scores, tradelines with high balances can be bad news bears because of how it affects your debt-to-limit ratio (the amount you owe as compared to how much available credit you have).

It’s important to note that tradelines with low balances are not necessarily better for your credit scores, but tradeline companies with lower balances usually cost less. If you have an excellent credit score already then adding a few tradelines could help bump up your FICO score by increasing the average length of accounts on your report significantly.

  1. New Credit Inquiries

A tradeline is simply a credit account that has been opened in your name. Many people have tradelines, even if they aren’t actively using them. For example, you may have had a student loan open for many years before paying it off and closing the tradeline. Even though this tradeline isn’t active anymore, it will still show up on your tradeline reports. The tradelines that will impact your credit scores the most are active tradelines or tradelines that you have an account balance with every month.

  1. How Does the Process Work?

The tradelines credit repair process is simple and easy to understand. The tradeline company works with lenders, creditors, and collection agencies to remove incorrect tradelines from your tradeline report as well as update the positive tradeline information that may be missing or outdated on your tradeline report. There are several steps involved in this process but all of our tradelines credit repair clients can rest easy knowing that their tradeline report will be completely clean and 100% accurate.


In conclusion, tradelines credit repair is a company that offers support for people who are in need. They offer services such as helping to rebuild your credit score and find out what you can do if you’ve been denied a loan or mortgage due to bad credit. Every day, they help individuals regain their financial stability by restoring their tarnished reputation with the major bureaus of information including Equifax, Experian and Transunion.