3 People Share How They Recovered Scammed Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency investment can be quite risky, but losing your digital currency to cryptocurrency scams or ponzi schemes should not be the case. According to our press release findings, cryptocurrency scammers are cashing in on the buzz around cryptocurrency and luring people into bogus investment schemes.

Between October 2020 and now, reports have really skyrocketed. With over 6,850 people reporting losing over $80 million on different crypto scams. The securities and exchange commission put the average loss at about $1,900. Comparing this figure to the same period last year, that is a whopping 12 times the number of reports and nearly 1,000% more in reported losses.

3 Crazy Things People Tried to Recover Lost Cryptocurrency

As bitcoin and other cryptocurrency have increased astronomically in value, financial experts are weighing in on whether or not to invest in the cryptocurrency. A lot of people are advising that now is the time to head to a cryptocurrency exchange and buy some cryptocurrency for keeps and investment.

It would be unfortunate to lose your cryptocurrency. According to law enforcement however, a lot of people have lost money to cryptocurrency scam. In fact, law enforcement estimates that about 2.78 million worth of bitcoins have been lost since the cryptocurrency was created in 2009. That is worth billions of dollars today.

Here are 3 crazy things people are doing to recover their lost cryptocurrency:

1.) James Howell, an IT worker in the United Kingdom, began mining bitcoin on his personal laptop in 2009. His computer reportedly broke in 2013 but he kept the hard drive in case bitcoin became valuable one day.

While cleaning his home, he mistakenly put the drive into a waste bin at his local landfill site in Newport, South Wales, where it got buried. James wanted to try searching the landfill, which reportedly has 350,000 tons of waste, but the Newport City Council did not allow that.

2.) Some early cryptocurrency investors are in a painful predicament. They can not remember the complex security codes they originally created to gain access to their crypto/bitcoin wallet. Plus, there’s no way to reset the password if you forget.

But there is still hope, BrokerComplaintAlert is helping people recall forgotten passwords and find misplaced storage devices. The company CEO was quoted saying: “We have developed a collection of techniques, that allow people to access older memories or see things they have put away in a stashed spot.”

3.) Former Wired editor Mark Frauenfelder wrote his password on an orange piece of paper. He and his wife jetted off to Tokyo for vacation 2 months later. A month after returning from vacation, he noticed his orange slip was nowhere to be found. The house cleaner he hired while on vacation had apparently thrown away the piece of paper.

Frauenfelder reached out to a crypto expert who put him in contact with a blockchain tech/computer science company who helped him exploit the vulnerability and hack the vault. He received instructions that would hack his computer and show him the password.

How 3 People Recovered Scammed Cryptocurrency Using CryptoInvestigo

1.) Sarah, a single mom from Nebraska USA came home one day to find her son crying. He was actually planning to surprise his mother, he had “invested” $270,000, using her credit cards linked to her bank accounts. He believed it was a legitimate cryptocurrency investment site, but he was obviously blind to the red flags.

Sarah went online looking for help on how to “Recover Scammed Cryptocurrency.” Luckily for her, she found CryptoInvestigo, a watchdog site for the cryptocurrency industry. CryptoInvestigo was able to help her get her cryptocurrency back, and it was all returned to her wallet within 3 days.

2.) One German victim (Karl) lost $325,000 to a fake cryptocurrency exchange, trading and investment company. He was also fortunate and smart enough to have hired the service of CryptoInvestigo, a digital currency recovery company. CryptoInvestigo helps victims of cryptocurrency scams to recover their funds.

If you suspect you have been defrauded by a crypto investment company, you should first try to negotiate with it directly. As is often the case, if the fraudulent firms’ fails to respond appropriately, then you can contact CryptoInvestigo by contacting this email address: support@cryptoinvestigo.com.

3.) Arès was another victim from Finland that lost money to cryptocurrency investment scam. When he realized he had been scammed, he first reported to the Finnish anti-money laundering Financial Supervisory Authority about his losses.

He shared his unpleasant experience with a friend, who recommended CryptoInvestigo. He wasted no time in contacting CryptoInvestigo to inform them about his case. They swung into action as soon as he contacted them, and luckily for him, he got a full refund, thanks to CryptoInvestigo.

If you have lost bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, dogecoin or any other cryptocurrency to scam, contact CryptoInvestigo.

IMPORTANT: Due to large volumes of request, CryptoInvestigo only takes cases worth $100,000 (and above).

Email: support@cryptoinvestigo.com