10 Second Coffee Trick Reviews – Java Burn Weight Loss Hack 2022! Shocking

Jave Burn a.k.a “The 10 second coffee tweak for fat burning” is an all-natural weight loss formula sourced from plants. It is a blend of powerful ingredients that increases metabolic function, and accelerates fat reduction. Despite aiding in weight reduction, it increases energy levels in the body due to its potent ingredients. Given its natural formula, it is a safe product made in FDA- and GMP- approved facilities. These labs ensure a clean production process which is free from artificial stimulants. Java Burn’s ingredients are gluten free and purely vegetarian. 

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Product Name 10 Second Coffee Trick For Weight Loss (Java Burn)
Product form Powder in pouches – one box contains 30 pouches
Creator John Barban
Health benefits – efficient weight loss

– increases metabolism

– cuts belly fat

– suppresses appetite

– detoxifies body

– improves brain health and regulates blood sugar level

Ingredients -Green Tea Extract (300mg)




-Chlorogenic acid

-Green tea extract (with catechin called EGCG)

Dosage One packet daily, mixed with morning coffee
Quality assurance -Made in FDA- and GMP- approved labs

-Gluten free

-GMO free

-100% vegetarian supplement

Side effects Not reported yet as formulation is natural
Pricing  $49 (discount available)
Refund Policy 60-days
Customer support support@javaburn.com
Official Website JavaBurn.com


10 Second Coffee Trick For Weight Loss – Does It Really Burn Fat?

Weight loss does not come easy to most people. People try numerous ways to shed fat but efficient weight loss is not always guaranteed. Most of the products available in the market harm the body one way or the other. It is challenging to come up with a solution that ensures healthy weight reduction without any long -term side effects. Java Burn is a new supplement in town getting famous for its all-natural formula for shedding weight. It is also known as the 10 second coffee trick for fat Loss


This supplement comes in powder form and is used by mixing it with morning coffee. This not only helps in weight loss but also gives unmatched energy to the body. It is flavorless and can be consumed daily. John Barban is the creator of this supplement. He is a nutritionist and fat loss expert. He claims that you will start losing weight within a few weeks using Java Burn. For optimal results, John recommends that you should follow this 10 second coffee tweak for 90-180 days. 

Java Burn is available on its official website javaburn.com. You may buy one pouch and use it for a month or buy 3 pouches and use it for 3 months or buy six pouches and use them for 6 months. The 10 second coffee hack is a natural supplement gaining popularity among the masses. It works as a booster for metabolism and the ingredients help the body in several ways. Our review won’t be complete without talking about its ingredients so let’s dive in. 

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10 Second Coffee Trick Ingredients List:

Java Burn is made from ingredients which boost metabolism. They act as a catalyst for burning fat and making the body lean and thin. The highlighted ones are green tea extract and Chlorogenic acid. All the ingredients present in Java Burn are proven to cut down fat, increase metabolism, improve heart and brain function. 

Green tea extract

When it comes to weight loss, green tea is quite popular. It has been used since ages as a weight loss formula. Green tea is known to increase metabolism and lower anxiety. It also regulates blood sugar and blood pressure.

Chlorogenic acid

Chlorogenic acid is found in green tea extract. It aids in prevention of absorption of carbohydrates in the body. This prevents weight gain. Chlorogenic acid also manages hormones linked to obesity.


Chromium regulates insulin in the body. Sugar level fluctuation in the body causes cravings which are controlled by chromium. It does so by keeping in check the sugar level needed in the bloodstream and the fat level needed to be stored in the body.


L-Carnitine burns more fat cells to deliver energy. It reduces weight and guarantees smooth functioning of the body. It also aids in waste removal.


L-theanine acts as a natural antioxidant. It boosts fat-burning capability of the body and also increases brain activity. When it is consumed with coffee, it burns fat at a faster rate. 

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is useful for healthy joints and muscles. It does not alter metabolism or weight but keeps the body active in general

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 reduces food cravings and reduces water retention in the body. This leads to weight loss and calming of body during the process of weight loss

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a vital vitamin useful for the post-weight loss phase. It gives energy to the body and increases Chlorogenic acid production.

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How To Use Java Burn – The 10 Second Coffee Hack

Java Burn is simple to use. While its ingredients are 100% natural containing weight loss properties, when combined with coffee, it reveals amazing results. Coffee is itself a fat-cutting drink. Java Burn is designed to maintain nutrients in the body while boosting metabolism. Its ingredients contain antioxidants and also regulate blood sugar so that you do not gain weight.

When a sachet of Java Burn is mixed with morning coffee, the body absorbs its ingredients which promote burning of stubborn fat. Consuming it regularly makes the body active and energized. 

L-theanine and chromium boost brain health as well as help in reduction of appetite while balancing insulin level. It becomes easy for people with diabetes to lose weight with Java Burn as well. These ingredients also reduce belly fat which keeps you motivated.

L-carnitine is high in antioxidants and detoxifies the body. It removes unhealthy cells and alleviates stress. It also keeps the immune system in check. 

All you have to do is to take one sachet regularly with your morning coffee to see its wonders. Cherry on top, it is tasteless so it will not ruin your coffee either! Anyone above the age of 18 can use Java Burn, however pregnant women and people with allergy should consult a doctor before using it.

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Java Burn is only available on its official website. You can place an order on the website and it will be delivered to you within a few days. They also have a 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results, you will get a complete refund. The pricing on the website is as follows:

 – 1 Pouch costs $49 + $9.95 Shipping 

– 3 Pouches cost  $117 + $9.95 Shipping 

– 6 Pouches cost $204 + $9.95 Shipping

For optimal weight loss, the creator recommends using minimum 3 pouches which last for 90-days.

You can contact Java Burn through their customer support email: support@javaburn.com.

10 Second Coffee Trick For Weight Loss -REVIEWS:

The website contains a few reviews of Java Burn. While there are other websites for getting authentic reviews as well, you will also get them on the official website.

“A person says that he lowered his blood pressure and cholesterol after taking Java Burn. His doctor was amazed by his results.”

“A woman states that she can now fit into her high school jeans again; something she never thought she’d be able to do again, and that woman subsequently reveals that she loses six inches from her waistline.”

While there are positive reviews, some people are skeptical about the product as well. Moreover, there are some people who are hesitant to even try it in the first place.

Java burn is an excellent supplement for individuals who are struggling to lose weight. However, this is not a magic pill or something that will give overnight results. If you are someone looking for unrealistic results, this is not for you. Users usually get disappointed when they do not see instant results, while this product mostly has positive reviews but one must keep in mind that individual results may vary. It is recommended to consume Java Burn for at least 90-days, For best results follow a decent balanced diet with it and be consistent.

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Why Should You Use Java Burn For Weight Loss?

The Covid pandemic has increased inactivity among the masses. Laidback routines, consumption of fast food, and the shift to work-from-home mode has made excess fat everybody’s concern. Research has proven that one of the effective ways to reduce weight is to increase metabolism and physical activity. The latter is difficult for people to incorporate in their lifestyle. Increasing metabolism is a comparatively easy process if you use the right methods for it. It increases the fat burning capability of the body and burns calories. Java Burn has been in the market for a short period of time but has already become a best-selling product. It is different from other weight loss supplements as it comes in powder form. It absorbs in the body rapidly and shows results fast. The creator, John Barban claims that Java Burn acts on low levels of chlorogenic acid which slows down metabolism. It works on increasing Chlorogenic acid. What makes it better? Pairing it with a cup of coffee! All you have to do is mix it in your morning coffee and voila! It will work its magic in a few weeks.


How much Java Burn should I use?

The creator recommends using it for at least 90 days to experience optimal results. Consistency in use will result in weight loss. 

Is Java Burn a safe supplement?

Java Burn is a natural and safe supplement. It is made with natural ingredients and has no side effects. It is made in FDA- and GMP- approved facilities for strict quality assurance.

Is Java Burn effective for me?

Yes, Java Burn is a natural weight loss supplement and its ingredients are scientifically backed to reduce weight. It does not only lose weight but also helps with other bodily functions such as brain and heart activity. 

Can Java Burn only be used with coffee?

Since coffee is a weight cutting drink, it is effective to drink Java Burn with it. It is tasteless and does not affect the taste of your coffee. 

How To Do The 10- Second Coffee Trick?

You can take one sachet daily with your coffee in the morning. Although it is not necessary to take it in the morning but to regulate body functions, it is recommended to use it early in the morning.

How can I order Java Burn?

You can place the order on its official website Javaburn.com. It will be delivered to you within 5-7 business days. However, international deliveries (outside USA and Canada) may take a few more days

What if I am not satisfied with the results?

 Java Burn has a 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results, you will get a refund. For more details about this, visit the official website.

The 10 Second Coffee Trick For Weight Loss – CONCLUSION

So, does Java Burn really work? Although it is an all-natural formula containing all weight loss ingredients, we cannot confidently say that it helps everyone. Time will reveal its efficacy. However, given the science and research on the ingredients, it seems like an optimal supplement for accelerating metabolism and burning fat fast. It is easy-to-use; all you have to do is mix it with your morning coffee and sit back for results. What gives this supplement an edge over other weight loss products?

It does not only reduce weight but also improve cognitive activity and heart health. It regulates insulin level and develops immunity in the body. As it comes down to the truth, there is no harm in using Java Burn. If it does not prove effective, you can always get a refund. The company has got you all covered!

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